David Floegel

I've been a frontend engineer since 2012 and am currently leading the design system team at Tray.io

I specialise in React and Typescript applications with a focus on great UX and scalability. Here are a few things I've been working on:

Motis Design System

Motis is the Design System built for the Tray application. I have been in charge of building out the component backlog, driving adoption and building out the documentation site for better discoverability.


React Magic Skeleton

I developed this public npm package as a test to automatically wrap elements with a loading skeleton for a better user experience while content is loading. This is a more scalable alternative to building specific loading skeletons for different elements (such as Cards).

Github NPM

Delayed loading spinner

This is a simple test playground for something we wanted to try at Tray.io. The idea was to only show a loading spinner after a certain amount of time, increasing the perceived loading speed for the user.


Harmonic - An ear training game

Harmonic is a music theory and ear training app prototype. Compared to other apps, Harmonic follows a different concept in that it focusses more on a holistic approach and gamifies the experience. Together with machine learning we wanted to provide a personalised learning experience for the user. Currently, Harmonic is still in development.

Harmonie - JS Music Theory

Harmonie (germany spelling) is a JS library for music theory calculations. The library allows devs to calculate intervals between notes as well as generate chords and scales. This started out as a public repo and NPM package but hasn't been maintained as well recently as I added more functionality in the Harmonic project itself. I aim to overhaul this project soon.


Booking rules prototype

Some time ago I built a rehearsal room booking platform (called Bookaspace). After talking to studio owners, they wanted to be able to replicate their (fairly complex) booking rules in their systems so I built this prototype to see what the UI and UX could be like. The system allows a user to create rules such as minimum and maximum booking length, minimum time between existing bookings as well as different prices and peak times.



Dotti is my personal dotfiles setup script that I run when setting up a new machine. It installs all the necessary dependencies and sets up my VIM configuration.